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UNITED AMERICAS SHIPPING Services was established in 1995 as an affiliate of UNISHIPPING S.A.S. Its primary goal is to assist principals with sales and marketing, vessel operations and business development. Key strengths are in the oil field project, U.S. Government food aid programs and commercial grain trading companies.

UNITED AMERICAS headquarters are based in Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida, and they act as generals agents for UNISHIPPING S.A.S. Paris, France. The added presence in the United States of the company gives UNISHIPPING higher exposure to the United States market.

Initially, the office was opened representing UNISHIPPING in a service named Gulf/North Africa Med Line concentrating on the U.S. Gulf and South Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The Principal's scope has since expanded and several, regular sailings are now being completed to West Africa, East Africa, Far East, South/Central America and, of course, still into the Med. The various services specialize in break bulk, project cargoes, heavy lift cargoes, bagged and bulk cargoes. UNISHIPPING, with UNITED AMERICAS right at their side, has become one of the better known Foreign Flag carriers of U.S. Food Aid cargoes to worldwide destinations.

In 2003 UNITED AMERICAS obtained permission and was awarded a license by the U.S. Department of Commerce to operate vessels into Cuba. Under this license UASS provides break bulk and bulk cargo service into Cuba.

UNITED AMERICAS originally made its home in Houston, Texas, and after many years of continued success, in 2004, the offices relocated to Coconut Grove, Florida. Here, we will focus, in addition to all the other activities and markets, on the Latin America, South America and Mexico markets.

UNISHIPPING [The Principal]

UNISHIPPING continues successfully to expand its involvement and expertise in a range of carefully selected maritime fields. The company’s deep commitment to shipping can be traced back to the foundation of the family run agency business in North Africa in 1921.

The Paris office was opened in 1986 under the auspices of the founder’s grandsons. Since then the company’s activities have expanded dramatically to encompass a diverse range of maritime activities; from operating active liner, break bulk and lumber services to ship’s agency, ship management and yacht construction and sales. The company also specializes in the movement of large scale projects; such as, power plants, which require the close coordination of all facets of sea and land transportation.

UNISHIPPING remains family owned and has been profitable since its inception. At any one time, the company has about 12 vessels under its operation and management. These vessels range from 6,000MT up to 23,000MT deadweight multi-purpose types, and 9,000MT up to Handymaxx bulk carriers. In addition, the company is involved with more specialized RO/RO and chemical tanker/bitumen tanker vessels.

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